The 2 in 1 medical device is designed for doctors and vascular surgeons

An universal medical device for the treatment of venous pathology that combines two thermal techniques : steam and radio frequency ablation.

The VBOX®  is designed in line with surgical and other current methods currently in use, with the aim to facilitate its use by medical staff.


The treatment is carried :

  • Under local anaesthetics by tumescence
  • By angiologists or vascular surgeons
  • In medical practices, clinics or hospitals



The procedure is quick, and includes the following steps :

  • The marking of the vein under echo-Doppler
  • The introduction of a catheter inside the vein
  • Local anaesthetics by tumescence
  • Thermal energy release

The Vbox system  features the following key constituents.


Reusable, non sterile

  • Provides the electrical energy required for system functioning
  • Conducts security test during treatment
  • User interface via a touch screen
  • Connection cable for command footswitch
  • Connection cable for the hand piece
  • Power cord


VBOX®   hand piece for the varicose vein steam treatment

Single use, sterile device

  • Transforms sterile water into steam
  • Injects steam into the catheter, then the vein

The VBOX®  is used in combination with a standard catheter (single use, sterile) as well as sterile water pockets that are available on the market.

VBOX device is intended for the permanent venous occlusion of tributary veins in patients with superficial venous reflux, over 18 and under 80 years old

A radio frequency application  to treat saphenous  varicose veins is currently in development.