A simple and effective solution that improves patient comfort and reduces postoperative complications

The VBOX® Hybrid is an alternative to surgery for the treatment of tributaries, recurrences, tortuous veins, …

« Pour moi la VBOX Hybrid est la meilleure association actuellement disponible sur le marché et surtout à des prix très compétitifs pour les sondes radiofréquences et les pièces à main vapeur.
La sonde radiofréquence est le traitement de référence de la crosse saphène, et est efficace sur les troncs saphéniens rectilignes.
La vapeur permet de traiter les gros réseaux variqueux, les saphènes tortueuses de façon percutanée et efficacement.

La vapeur est aussi la technique la plus efficace pour les récidives variqueuses si l’on veut rester percutané.

En pratique, cette association permet de traiter 80 à 90% des patients de manière percutanée.»

Drapeau Français
Dr. François GABRIELLE
Mâcon, France

« Being the most comfortable effective method for varicose vein treatments, having our patients in mind, as well as the great results with almost none surrounding tissue damage, we have decided to use steam vein sclerosis as a first choice for varicose vein treatments back in 2016.
Since 2017 we started to use Miravas VBOX system, and we gain bigger flexibility and usability than with the old system, better ROI, more easiness to use it for our specialists, and full satisfaction of all of our patients – more than 100 of them in the first year.
It is a pleasure to use it, and its comfortableness for patients is better than with other techniques we use, with great results and fast and ease post-operative recovery.
As a confirmation for all of this, we have continuous increase of patients that are interested only for steam vein sclerosis. »

Drapeau Croate
Dr. Viktor LASTRIĆ
Zagreb, Croatia

« The new steam machine is a huge step forward from the previous one in many ways. It is much, much more more user-friendly than the previous machine and it appears to ablate the vein at the time. »

Drapeau anglais
Birmingham, UK

« Our initial experience with Vbox is fantastic . We have done around 20 cases with a follow up of around 3 months and initial results are great. We want to follow up these patients and see the long term results . It is a great tool for our country as cost of disposables is very less. »​

Drapeau Hindi
Dr. Ravul JINDAL
Chandigarh, India

« I used the Vbox steam procedure to treat various veins as a compilation of an RF ablation. It is a fantastic tool for branches veins that eliminates the need to excision, and doesn’t leave any scar. It is also phenomenal for treating recurrent varicose veins, with less inflammation than in sclerotherapy. »​

Drapeau Israélien
Tel-Aviv, Israel

« I've been using the VBox for 2 years now since it came on the market and it's an obvious improvment from the previous device used for the steam technique.
Very effective, with good results and little to no post-op pain for the patients. »

Dr. Marius FODOR
Cluj-Napoca, Roumanie