VBOX Hybrid can treat varicose veins by Radiofrequency and steam as an alternative to surgery

Whether it is a large straight saphenous vein or a tortuous tributary, the innovative technology of the VBOX Hybrid allows angiologists and vascular surgeons to treat all types of varicose veins with a single device.

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Hybrid VBOX

Photo VBOX hybrid

The VBOX Hybrid generates the current needed to operate the sterile accessories (RF catheter and Vbox handpiece), monitor the control and provides the user interface.

The varicose vein is heated to 120 °C regardless of its diameter, its thickness or the importance of the tumescence. This is possible because a sensor is integrated into the sterile accessory and the Vbox Hybrid monitors the temperature in real time, with an accuracy of 1°C.

no parameterization, no compressed air

robust design and the absence of moving parts

by the size of the varicose veins

simple design and highlighting essential information

both techniques in one device

Photo VBOX hybrid
Cathéter Radiofréquence

RF Catheter

for segmental radiofrequency treatment

Cathéter Radiofréquence

a high frequency electric current flows through the RF Catheter and heats its tip at 120°C.

ideal compromise between flexibility and stiffness of the sheath

4,5 cm depths marks on the sheath

VBOX Handpiece

for steam treatment

Photo Pièce à main

WFI (Water for injection) is vaporized at 120 °C and sprayed into the varicose vein via a catheter.

Photo Pièce à main