Health care innovation

2016_temis innovation besancon


A start up company located in Besancon, France. Miravas is situated in...

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The 2 in 1 medical device is designed for doctors and vascular surgeon...

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Miravas is certified ISO 13485 by the LNE GMED, a French notified body...

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Miravas in EVF HOW 2016

Miravas in EVF HOW 2016 Miravas is exhibiting at the 7th EVF HOW 2016 Hands-On Workshop on Venous Disease Grand Resort,

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CE certification for the Vbox !

The Vbox has received CE certification VBOX device is intended for the permanent venous occlusion of tributary veins in

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ISO 13485 certification for manufacturing

Extension of ISO 13485 certification scope to manufacture for the company  Miravas : Design, development and manufactu

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